Something, Somewhere, Sometime

“Something, Somewhere, Sometime” is by Daniel Martin Moore, Ben Sollee, a nameless guitarist, and a guy stopping and clapping in the background.  They dedicate the performance to the awareness of mountaintop removal coal mining.  It’s better than it sounds.

I’m not quite what you would call an environmentalist, but I am finding in the process of writing my story that God has impressed upon my heart an interest for our planet. We are not bound to this rock, neither are we equal to its creeping beasts, but we have been granted dominion over it.  The implication is to not be a tyrant, but to care for it as God as cared for you.  At the same time, we have the authority to exact justice when it overtakes our loved ones.  Just like God has done.

The story is now 26 pages long and getting closer towards the end. And should the final product contain even a single paragraph untouched by the editing process, it will certainly be a miracle.


5 Responses to “Something, Somewhere, Sometime”

  1. Editing is exacting justice over a beloved text. Not like a tyrant but just as God has not left us in our initial state.

    Looking forward to the honor of being a part of your process.

    • It will be a while out, but I’m glad to know I can count on you. Currently I’m keeping with Bradbury’s principle of quantity produces quality. If it sounds like anything, I write it down. I got as far as I needed to on the first draft and am now rewriting it, this time with a slightly tighter grip on the voice.

  2. Well … ? 🙂

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