How to Eat a Continent

I have in the past, and still do, struggle mightily with writing.  Some of the best things I’ve written were usually written in the space of a single night.  Scratch that.  Just about everything I’ve written was done in a single night.  I’m a terrible procrastinator.  Because of this, most of my work tends to come out very unpolished because I have such terrible ability to plan.

It’s been a goal of mine to get some fiction (probably a short story) out into the world by the end of the year.  For most of 2012, it’s been a tiny voice that says, “So how’s it going?”  And I usually find a way to silence it.  Sometimes it’s by eating Nutella.

In the times I do find myself writing, I’m usually dissatisfied with the results.  But the more I think about it, I do have good reason to be dissatisfied.  Writing is just so horribly difficult.  What you put down on paper is usually discarded by the final draft because you have not fully “gelled” with the mind of the characters or the voice of the story.

To give you all an update on how its going: I’m currently in the midst of the biggest project I’ve ever done.  I’ve kept at a short story for the last month or so and it’s currently 18 pages long.  I’m not near the end yet. The trick was finding the right rhythm. Every night (aside from the Lord’s day) I force myself to get in at least 150 words.  More than often I get into it and keep going.  But if I hit a brick wall, I know its okay to stop.

Looking at this little (read: enormous) thing in front of me, I am dumbfounded that the thing even came out of me.  Most of its wires are immediately apparent, but dang…this house is actually being built.  And it’s big!

I want to keep you guys posted on its status as regularly as possible.  So please pray for me and hold me accountable.

PS: Claire Boucher has stolen my heart!


4 Responses to “How to Eat a Continent”

  1. Oh, yay! Alex, I’m thrilled to read this and look forward to not only reading updates about the story but the beast itself!

  2. post script

    My daughter loves Nutella.

    • I am really quite amazed by the versatility of it. We recently had it mixed in with a fruit salad and it was delectable, but it’s also great for crackers or just licking off your fingers.

  3. I completely understand where you’re coming from when it comes to single night papers. I’m the type that I like to write in one long pass, I find it really hard to break things up into segments. As a result most of my college papers the big meat of it was done in one night, of course procrastination meant it was the night before a deadline. Though they lack polish single night papers tend to very straightforward to the point and packing with genuine words; so at least there’s that!

    Writing is certainly hard but I find the only way to surmount that is to write and keep on writing. The more we do it the easier it flows, the more comfortable with the words we wish to convey. Best of luck on your short story!

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