Engineers, Cats, and More Engineers

I am not wild about cats because of my allergies, but I am amazed by their agility and personality.  This video delightfully captures the feline character and runs it through the bone dry lingo of the engineer.

Heck, here’s another at no extra charge.  I like engineers and as of the last couple days, I’ve found Valve Software’s wildly popular Team Fortress 2 exhilarating for the first time.  So in response, I give you: Meet the Engineer.

It’s a short film that features smooth Southern drawl, lots of color, and fully automatic sentry guns.  Each of the “Meet the XXXX” videos educate the viewer on the weapons and tactics of a playable classes but, more importantly, entertain.

They’re almost on par with Pixar’s shorts (if not exceeding them in some cases), but of a darker, and far bloodier, spirit.  And given that that they run on bangin’ 60 spy movie music, the series resembles clips from “The Incredibles” that were cut because of their violent and risque nature.

Valve just recently concluded with the delightfully grim “Meet the Pyro” and because of the series’ success, it’s often thought TF2 would make a great cartoon on Adult Swim.  But us fans can only dream…

I will warn you though that if animated blood and severed cartoon limbs make you uncomfortable, it’s best to turn away at this point because they range from PG – PG-13 in terms of content.


If you’re interested in any of the other TF2 “Meet the XXXX”, you can find all of them right here.


2 Responses to “Engineers, Cats, and More Engineers”

  1. LOVED Meet the Engineer. But then, I kind of like severed cartoon limbs.

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