A-Z Reflections Post

The A-Z challenge was interesting.   Fun and difficult sure, but ultimately a learning experience.  Here are some things I learned:


-To get people on your site you have to visit others.  So it makes sense that Christ says the last will be first.  We must be servants.  Doing so is never easy (in fact it’s impossible without the Holy Spirit), but I found sneaking into random corners of the Internet fun.  I tried my hardest to actually say something in response to the post (as opposed to “great A-Z post, I love your blog”) on each one.  Difficult, but fun.  I don’t get how some people even find me, because I’ve never heard of their sites until they came to mine.  But I’m certainly grateful they did, and I’ll gladly return the favor!

-I am looooooong winded.  Too much.  I started this site a while back by writing uncomfortably big movie reviews.  And because I never visited anyone else (see above) and my material was too hefty, it’s no surprise I didn’t have a single comment until I broke things down and became more social.  Brevity really is, in some senses, a form of holiness.

-I had no clue how exhilarating it was to write about Scripture.  I really didn’t.  I’m curious what it would be like to do that every single post here.  Which is certainly a possible angle this blog could take.

-Planning out things ahead of time works wonders.  I never wrote a post until the night it was due.  If only I pumped out several on the weekends and just sat on them, they’d probably come out a lot better.  And we ideally wouldn’t have my silly otter post.  It did help at least to plan out what my entries were going to be.  However, even these were something of a work in progress.  P was going to be for Pixar, O was going to be for Ocarina of Time, Z was going to be for Zelda, C was going to be Calvinism and Cthulhu actually was more about HP Lovecraft (which used to be L before Led Zeppelin) than anything else.


Would I do it again?  Maybe.  If I did, I’d write it out months beforehand so I could spend more time visiting other people’s blogs.  That’s probably the one thing I wish I had spent more time doing.

PS: Just finished the first Hunger Games book.  Expect a review/post either Wednesday or Friday.


12 Responses to “A-Z Reflections Post”

  1. nickielson1 Says:

    A scripture thing for the blog would be cool. Endless possibilities. Glad you’ve cracked the code to successful blogging – the tie in with being a servant was brilliant.

    Writing the blog posts ahead of time is an excellent idea…but I can tell you from personal experience it somehow still didn’t free me up to visit as many blogs as I would’ve liked. I’m happy for this wrap up thingy as an opportunity to venture out a bit more. 🙂 I’m here because Suze recommended you so highly, btw.

    • It really would seem that there is never enough time in the day to read all the blogs I could want. So we’re very much in agreement!

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge. Next year I hope to keep it short, sweet and simple and plan way in advance! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Eat Live Move

  3. Thanks for being a good visitor to my blog – I’m not such a good one myself. And thanks for the most recent comment, I needed that.

  4. I read ‘The Hunger Games,’ recently, too. Will look for your review.

    • Alrighty! I’ll do my best to keep it spoiler free for the uninitiated, but deep enough for those like us who are already familiar with the book.

  5. Blogging is a strange thing. People are connected by six degrees of separation in the blogosphere just as they are in the world! (Although, to be honest, I’m still skeptical of that whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon thing.) Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Hunger Games! I know that you love fantasy games…do you also like reading fantasy books? Have you read A Game of Thrones?

    • It’s also been in the last few years that I’ve been enjoying actually reading anything. In terms of fantasy I adore Tolkien (especially The Silmarillion), Lewis, and Rowling.

      I have read through A Song of Ice and Fire like you mentioned, but can’t really read them in good faith anymore. Too much skin for my eyes. Don’t think I’m judging you just by bringing it up. 🙂

      Next big fantasy I’d like to try out is the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I haven’t read any of it and plan to finish off these other two Hunger Games books and the thirteen Wheel of Time novels before the final book hits in Janurary. Gonna be awesome!

  6. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. During the challenge I didn’t visit as many blogs as I would like to but, cross my heart, I’m visiting every single one with the reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that…

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