X is for X

X is the unofficial handle of a certain YouTube user who submits recordings of him playing video games with funny commentary.  To the initiated, these are called “Let’s Plays” and X did not invent them.  But he, along with a few others LPers, was responsible for a sizable portion of Minecraft’s explosive growth.

If you have any interest in Minecraft, I’d recommend you watch some of his adventures through the game.  Now this is, notably, from an earlier version but they are all fun, informative, and entertaining.  As X learns and triumphs and fails and learns, we learn along with him.  And it’s mostly clean from what I remember.  Here’s the first episode:

I do wonder where the future of Let’s Plays will head in the future.  StarCraft is a televised, national sport in South Korea because it’s so ingrained into their culture.  Minecraft may never reach that level of popularity, but I’m curious to see if people like X could make a decent living just off producing Let’s Plays.


2 Responses to “X is for X”

  1. I’ve never fully grasped how people can actually make money blogging or posting videos to youtube. But if they can do it…more power to them!

    • Most people don’t, but there’s a few of them out there that really should be making money because they love it and are skilled at it.

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