O is for Otters

Otters are part of the family Mustelidae along with weasels, polecats, badgers, and wolverines but are, in fact, objectively cooler than their cousins.  Imagine if there was a competitor to Marvel’s Wolverine based off the otter. He could be named Peter D. Romp, wildly hairy, jovial, spend most of his time eating his weight in seafood buffets, and his mortal enemy could be Piranha.  For visualization purposes, here’s John Stamos’ head on top of a giant otter and Bruce Willis’ head on top of Marvel’s Piranha.


Final note on otters:  Giant otters have a very distinct call that sounds like a shrill meow.  If you could find a mass of people willing to imitate them, you’d have good reason to start a flash mob.  Heck, even four people making the giant otter call in an elevator would be beyond funny.


8 Responses to “O is for Otters”

  1. i saw some otters at the monterey bay aquarium. they are soo cute
    Happy A-Zing!

    • Otters *are* adorable. But I wonder if we would find them so endearing if they were the size of minivans and hunted humans. Methinks probably not!

  2. Um. I was here. 🙂

  3. Haha! Love your mad photoshop skills.

  4. I always thought Otters were adorable but those silly noises takes it up another notch!

  5. […] sat on them, they’d probably come out a lot better.  And we ideally wouldn’t have my silly otter post.  It did help at least to plan out what my entries were going to be.  However, even these were […]

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