L is for Led Zeppelin

The point in my earlier years when I discovered Led Zeppelin began a major shift in my life.  You see, until that point I was a relatively obedient child.  But once I crossed that line, everything changed.  My grades began to slip, I became more forward with girls (keyword: girls), I started resenting leaders, and I even had a brief run-in with the law (Luke 6:43-45).

You can see the above picture and notice how just listening to them made my hair truly bodacious.  I cut it years back, but man it was pretty rad.  Let’s talk some music!

The whole band is blessed of the Lord.  They don’t realize it, but they have been have tremendously gifted from power on high.  It’s not enough to state they have some of the best songwriting in popular music (of which they do), but it would be more fitting to say they have a very rare chemistry.

This chemistry can only partially be described.  Many scholars have tried detailing the wonders of Zeppelin’s music and fooled the masses with elaborate, flowery language.

Zeppelin’s chemistry is truly a thing of mysticism.  It’s not one to be worshiped (as many do), but for one to simply to sit in awe and ponder its mysteries (Prov 25:2).  What might be most powerful for me is that in my earlier years the music was about rebellion and sin, but now (after coming to the Lord) it’s just a thing of beauty.  I’ll take it!


3 Responses to “L is for Led Zeppelin”

  1. Gotta love Led Zeppelin! 🙂

  2. It is interesting to have all your interests baptized along with you, isn’t it? Anything good we do is from Him.

  3. Those are some curls, yo.

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